maandag 24 augustus 2015

Pink Wall

It was always a dream of mine to take outfit pictures with a pink wall as background and guess what, it has finally happened! It totally fits my life motto of "Does it come in pink?" because I'm always hunting for some pink. That's when girly me is the happiest :) I still need to hunt down a baby blue wall and a lavender one. 

dinsdag 11 augustus 2015

Favorite Instagram Accounts

As a huge Instagram addict I realised that it is necessary for me to make this post. I have a huge love for beautiful and inspiring Instagram feeds and I'm always on the hunt for new ones. Looking at beautiful photos is just really relaxing to me and to be honest, the first thing I do every morning when I wake is scroll through Instagram. It somehow makes the whole getting out of bed proces a little easier to me.
So I picked five of my favorite accounts to show you guys and it was not an easy choice to make. Since I have other favorites too, I might repeat this post somewhere in the future if you guys would like me too. I also tried to stay away from the mainstream ones that everyone is familiar with and put the less known ones in the spotlight, so I hope you'll like them!

A summer day

It seems impossible to deal with this Bosnian heat or maybe it's just my milky white Dutch skin not being used to it? It seems like none of my outfits work for temperatures over 28 degrees. I think it's because most of my outfits feel incomplete or boring without any type of jacket, cardigan or kimono because that's simply my aesthetic. At first I felt like I was putting my outfits together like that to hide my bigger hips, but once I embraced this part of my body, I felt naked without any type of jacket. Does anyone else have this problem? 

I planned to take these photos in a different way but it seemed like the whole city was gathered together in one street and I really hate having random people in the picture. Which means this is the best I got today and I still wanted to share this because it's one of my favorite looks. Also I had to take the pictures with my phone since I had my camera almost stolen once last summer here and I'm not risking that again so be prepared for more iPhone quality photos in the next weeks