maandag 14 september 2015

Fall in faux

Every year when the summer is coming to an end, there's one thing that I get excited about to wear: faux fur. I like how it feels so warm, soft and cuddly, but at the same time it gives off this chic and glamorous vibe so I don't see how it could ever be a bad thing. In the previous years we mostly saw the faux fur trend in jackets and vests, but lately I've been seeing more faux fur lined heels, phone cases, key chains and much more (not to mention that the combination of soft pink and faux fur is my most favorite thing ever). So why not keep your phone warm during the cooler days too? :) 

vrijdag 11 september 2015

Brugge photodiary

Last thursday and friday I went along on a little trip to Brugge in Belgium as part of the introduction for my master programme and it was a lot of fun! Of course, I had to take a lot of pictures like I always do. Brugge is a very photogenic and aestheticly pleasing city and at some points I did feel bad about not bringing my DSLR and having to take all photos with my iPhone. I thought it would be better to not bring it since the programme said we would go straight to a club and yes that's not really a convenient place for a DSLR. In the end I decided not to go there, so I could have brought it, but oh well, there's always a next time! 

Also whe making trips like this, I realise how convenient it is to live in a small country. You drive for two or three hours and you're already in a different country which is something we should all appreciate more. This is why I plan to do a lot more of small trips in the next year so yes, you can expect more photodiaries and travel diaries in the future! :)