zondag 24 januari 2016

Designer bag wishlist

Even though the title says wishlist, I don't really consider it to be one. I mostly look at it as longterm investments I'm going to make in the future, because let's face it: a $2,000 bag is not really an impulsive purchase and shouldn't even be considered one. (Also, I left out any kind of Michael Kors, Ted Baker and Tory Burch bags, because let's face it: as much as we love them, they are not really what I would consider a real designer handbag) To me, it's all about investing in a longterm relationship with the bag, which makes it important to select one that fullfills all of your desires. Personally, I like bags in neutral colors like black, white, nude, because it's easier to match in outfits. I also have a preference for practical bags, where all of my daily necessities can fit in and a bag with a strong and elegant design is also important to me, because it has more of a professional vibe to it, which would make it great for school or work. On the other side I also find it important to have a small bag for going out or quick errands around the city, which again needs to have a fashionable and/or elegant vibe to it, which is why I like the Valentino Glam Lock bag so much. I hope I will get to make a start on this list soon, because I'm dying to get my hands on all these beauties! 

❥ Q - Do you have any designer bags you want to invest in and what do you consider to be important characteristics of a handbag?