zondag 27 maart 2016

spring favorites

Spring has officially started, even though the Dutch weather might disagree on this. I would be lying if I'd say that spring is not my favorite season, because I love it so much! To me it just seems like everything is awakening from a gray winter depression and there are colors everywhere, which i love. Especially if it means more pink ;) To celebrate the start of this new season, I made a spring bucket list. Well.. more like a list of things that I love about spring. Enjoy! :)

Flowers. Flowers everywhere! 

One of the main reasons why I don't like winter is because everything seems so dead and grey outside in the nature. Of course, some people would argue this statement by saying how there's snow to add up on that 'special winterfeel'. Well, I would highly disagree on that since I'm not a fan of snow. I just like seeing flowers and lots of green when I'm walking outside. Even though I'm struggling every year with the oh so highly anticipated hayfever, I still enjoy the smell that all the blooming flowers bring. It instantly lifts my mood!

Pretty colorful outfits

(image via tumblr)

When spring knocks on your door, it means that it is time to ditch all the black and grey (at least for me) and bring out all the pretty colored pieces that you have pushed somewhere in the back of your closet, when the weather got colder. Not only does spring mean colors, it also means that we can stop wearing hundreds of layers, and go for lighter outfits. Or one of my favorite, simple things: when it gets warmer you can stop wearing your coat closed and keep it open instead so everyone actually gets to see your outfit when you're out for a walk in the city. I'll also make a post soon on spring fashion.

Lots of sunshine

I do hope that we get to see more sun in the next weeks and finally ditch the grey weather. I have noticed how when it's sunny outside, I instantly feel better and I have more energy. I also noticed how everyone around seems brighter when the sun is shining. Not to mention that the sunlight brings an extra dose of happiness to us bloggers and instagram addicts: we can finally take use of the natural lightning for our photos! All of this is true, but I might just have included sunshine into this list because it gives me a reason to wear my favorite sunglasses wherever I go.

Spring cleaning

(image via tumblr)
Well, it is true that they don't call it spring cleaning without a reason. The sun up, you feel more energized, so why not use this newly found energy to do some cleaning around the house? I think of spring as the real fresh start of the year, so I like to clean out my whole room, put away all the winter clothing and do some reorganizations too. It can really bring out positive vibes when you wake up. Spring cleaning should not only be about your house, but about yourself too. Do a body cleansing by eating cleaner (spring does mean more fresh fruit!) or start working out again. I already started some workouts from blogilates like I do every year and totally recommend! And what about cleaning your mind too? Start organizing your life by keeping an agenda or get rid of toxic people in your life. You will feel much better.

The cherry blossom 

If there is anything I love, it must be the smell of cherry blossom (and the pretty pink colors of it too).  Besides, let's face it: could you imagine spring without the prertty cherry blossom? Last year I did not get to go to the cherry blossom park in Amstelveen, but I hope that this year I will get to go there with my friends.

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