dinsdag 31 januari 2017

Cute items I found on Asos

The other night I decided it was time to pay a little visit to Asos.com and see what is new on there. I was definitely not dissapointed as I found so many cute items, which resulted in another 3 extra pages to my Asos wishlist. By the way, my wishlist was already hard to keep track of. This time I decided that it would be a nice idea to share some of my finds with you guys and perhaps give you new additions to your own Asos wishlist. Also, when I go on Asos I don't just look for fashion items. They have supercute home accessoiries, stationery and beauty products too, which is why this list is also a little mix of everything! And on a side note, even this simple list shows how diverse my taste is. I'm a sucker for cute and girly items, but at the same time I can love the 'cooler' and 'tougher' items just as much. I'm just a little mix match of everything :) Oh, and it seems like my obsession with stars is not going to leave anytime soon.

Enjoy this list and you can find the links to the items below! 

zondag 29 januari 2017

Fashion Trends I absolutely hate

Wow my last post was almost a year ago! I think this is the longest break I have ever taken from blogging, but I can totally justify it by saying I had to put all of my thoughts and energy into graduating and getting that MSc degree. This kicked blogging completely off my priority list, especially when I was writing my thesis, which drained all the inspiration and energy from my brains.I did often wish to come back to blogging during this time, as I really missed writing and my blog has always been a place where I could pour all of my creativity in. However, the good news is that I closed that chapter of my life, which I will probably dedicate a post to in the future, so enough rambling and let's move on to the real content of this post!

Every morning and evening I do my daily Instagram and blog visits, which is my little happy time. I enjoy seeing all the great pictures and outfits other bloggers put together and it always leaves me inspired. At least that is untill I see some of the items listed below. It makes my mood go from 'Oh I'm so happy and full of love and peace' to 'Call the damn fashion police, if this is not a crime than  I want to poke my own eyes out with a fork to unsee this'. And then I pray to God to make it all stop, so we can go back to normal fashion trends. This is just my personal opinion, so no offense. Now let's have a look at the disasters I'm talking about.