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Fashion Trends I absolutely hate

Wow my last post was almost a year ago! I think this is the longest break I have ever taken from blogging, but I can totally justify it by saying I had to put all of my thoughts and energy into graduating and getting that MSc degree. This kicked blogging completely off my priority list, especially when I was writing my thesis, which drained all the inspiration and energy from my brains.I did often wish to come back to blogging during this time, as I really missed writing and my blog has always been a place where I could pour all of my creativity in. However, the good news is that I closed that chapter of my life, which I will probably dedicate a post to in the future, so enough rambling and let's move on to the real content of this post!

Every morning and evening I do my daily Instagram and blog visits, which is my little happy time. I enjoy seeing all the great pictures and outfits other bloggers put together and it always leaves me inspired. At least that is untill I see some of the items listed below. It makes my mood go from 'Oh I'm so happy and full of love and peace' to 'Call the damn fashion police, if this is not a crime than  I want to poke my own eyes out with a fork to unsee this'. And then I pray to God to make it all stop, so we can go back to normal fashion trends. This is just my personal opinion, so no offense. Now let's have a look at the disasters I'm talking about.

1. The furry slipper loafers 

(images via Pinterest)

I would have thought that it would be enough to just point out how ugly these things are, but my list of reasons why these should be wiped out from this world right away, has a few additions. First off, this doesn't even look like a shoe???? It pretty much looks like you killed your dog or cat and put them right on your feet. What was the person who designed this even thinking? Did he accidently cut off the back part of a loafer and thought oh shit if I fill this up with fur nobody will notice? I just don't understand. Secondly, some of you think it is totally okay to wear these in winter, but how?? Do you think my mom would even let me leave the house in these shoes when it is like 5 degrees? Oh no, unless I want my ovaries and kindeys to freeze off (only Balkan people understand), I am not going anywhere. So yeah, I hope wearing ugly shoes is worth having frozen ovaries to you.

2. Flared jeans

(left image via Tumblr, right via Pinterest)

Okay, before I start my rant on these, I need to make one thing clear. There are wide leg trousers, which I am a fan of, especially for professional office looks. Then there are the flared ones, that start out tight and somewhere around the knee they go wide down. How does that even make sense?? When we all switched to skinny jeans in the late 00's, we left flared jeans in the past for a reason. So why did someone think it was a good idea to bring them back, when we have nice and pretty skinny jeans now? You don't downgrade from an iPhone 7 to an iPhone 4 either, so why do this? Also, have you ever seen that Tumblr post that said "Why do people wear flared jeans and why do they need that extra space around their ankles?" Well, I think that post does not need any further explanation, because nobody needs that useless space around their ankles. Oh, and speaking of ankles: what is even worse than normal flared jeans are the cropped flaired jeans. Have we all lost our mind in 2016 for thinking this isa normal thing to wear?

3. The colors orange and yellow

 (images via tumblr)

A very personal opinion, yes, but I really, really hate the the colors orange and yellow. And you know how sometimes the things you hate the most literally start haunting you? Well, that is exactly how I feel now when I go online and see these complete disasters of colors everywhere. I hate it so much, that I have developed some form of respect for people who actually find a way to turn anything orange or yellow in a look and manage to combine it with other things. I certainly cannot relate.

4. Clear boots

(images via: Pinterest)

Is there really a reason to even talk about these? They seem to be made out of plastic, which can never be comfortable to walk in and why would anyone even think that other people want to see their feet getting all hot and sweaty in see through shoes? A very, very big NO. The peeptoe version of these boots is even worse, because it looks completely weird. These boots (and America electing a cheeto for president) will be the reason why the future generations will consider us a joke and make fun of us even in history books.

And that would be enough hate for today. I did not even plan my comeback post to be a hateful one, but I just needed to get this out in the world. I personally hope that at least some of these items will be over and cancelled this year, but i also understand that there are people who like it and still want to wear it. Which they should. I mean, in the end we are all free to wear whatever we want.We all have different opinions and I am sure there are trends that some of you guys hate too, so do tell me! I'm curious to hear about it!  I will also try to have a post up soon on the trends that I am loving lately!

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Paola Lauretano zei

I don't like clear boots too!
Kisses, Paola.

Lyosha Varezhkina zei

Fashion comes and go away, so flare jeans look completely fine and normal. I think more of hippy era than of 00 actually looking at them.
As for the shoes options - amen sister! hate it as well!

and welcome back to blogging!

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Alma ♡ zei

Right?! I'm just glad I haven't seen anyone wearing them on the streets yet

Alma ♡ zei

To me they will always be a reminder of the bad fashion choices we all made in the 00's. I just hope the shoes go away ASAP! And thank you!!

elizabeth zei

Your blog is so cute, I absolutely love it! I have exactly the same fashion dislikes haha, I really don't like crocs either xD such a cute blog name! xx

elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
(lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

Grace H zei

Hi dear which lovely post! :))
Are we still following each other?? Now I have FB Twitter and Instagram too!
You will find all into my blog...

Melody Ong zei

i totally agree with you! these fashion trends seem too....fancy
let's keep in touch! ^^