donderdag 23 februari 2017

Outfit: Military Style & Lace

Don't worry, your eyes are not decieving you. This really is a new and proper outfit post. Finally! You guys have no idea how badly I wanted to go out and shoot pictures in the past months, as I really had so many great outfits! On friday it finally happened and I was able to convince my sister to quickly take a few shots, even though it was snowing and really cold. I also thought it would be cute to take outfit photos in front of the Markthal in the snow, but sadly there is no snow visible :(

Now back to this outfit. I love combining soft and cute items with something that is a little cooler or tougher. I would say that this has always been part of my style as long as I can remember. In this outfit I have tried to achieve this by combining a cool military style coat from Zara with a soft and girly knit sweater with a little lace detail from H&M. And of course, my supercool star printed ankle boots from Missguided are there to add a little extra touch to the whole look. I really mean it when I say that these boots are my best purchase, because wow I love them so much and they make every outfit so much better! And yes, that means that you will be seeing them a lot more around here :) (also a little side note: my hair doesn't always look this messy. It's because of the wind and snow ;;)

Zara Military Style coat
H&M Lace detail knit sweater
Bershka super skinny jeans
Missguided Star print ankle boots
H&M Wool beret

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14Monika141 zei

I love your coat it looks great!! Nice post :)

Sakuranko zei

Oh very great coordinate!
Great coat