The Blog:
Peppermint Chocolate was founded in august 2014 as a personal fashion and lifestyle blog run by Alma. The blog was started out of love for writing and editing, but also the wish to share things with others and get inspired. The name Peppermint Chocolate does no just represent one of my favorite sweets. It also represents my personal style preferences. Chocolate has a nice and sweet flavor, while peppermint adds a cool and fresh tone to it. This is also what my style is like: sweet with a touch of cool :)
If you like posts about fashion, photography, music, beauty and personal posts then Peppermint Chocolate might be the right place for you to be. I hope you’ll enjoy it and that you’re having a wonderful day <3

The girl behind the keyboard:
The name is Alma and I’m a 24 years old business graduate from the Netherlands. I like to share my ideas and thoughts with other people which is how I got into blogging. I have been blogging since I was 14 and I also like to play around with html so you might notice little changes every now and then. Other than that, I love fashion a lot and putting outfits together might be one of my favorite parts of the day. I also like to take a lot of pictures so this blog will be loaded with it. If you want to know anything about me feel free to message me or follow me on social media. You can find the links in the sidebar~ 

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